Saturday, April 17, 2010

Washington's Blog: Goldman Sacked?

Washington's Blog covers the Goldman Sachs indictment.

The video included in the article is essential to see, as Dylan Ratigan does a good job in describing how lame faced and blatant the corruption on Wall Street and in Washington is.

Ratigan mentions in the video how the attorney generals on the state level have been 'castrated' and have lost much of their power to go after corruption, as that power has been transferred to the federal level, where of course it can be more easily controlled, as we know Washington is already bought off by Wall Street.

The parade of corrupt scum marches on! Are the nooses ready?

Reminds me of another post I made a long time ago about the Christmas bomber. It detailed how an unnamed intelligence agency had asked the State Department NOT to revoke the visa of Mutallab. Asking the intelligence agencies before acting on their own intelligence is what represents a new system of 'coordination' on the federal level. Yes, coordination for easier corruption.

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