Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wikileaks' Home Run, And The Fans Are Cheering

A quick look this morning at some of the comments on the New York Times or Time Magazine articles on Collateral Murder, and one can see how many people throughout the world are relieved that someone, somewhere is carrying the torch of investigative journalism forward into the darkness of the War on Terror.

Afterall, unlike what Bush Administration member James P. Pinkerton writes about the soldiers from Hurt Locker that "the warriors are presented as better versions of ourselves," the soldiers displayed in Collateral Murder are creepy and clearly display a wanton blood lust to kill innocent people. Collateral Murder is real, The Hurt Locker, was a work of fiction. That these soldiers from the Wikileaks video will one day come back to the U.S. and some might end up being police officers doesn't bode well for our country. The video does even more harm to an already battered U.S. image abroad. But the image isn't the problem, the reality is.

The actions of Wikileaks, and their whistleblowers inside the military, to get this video to the public show how powerful a group can be fighting against the blood lust of the Military-industrial complex, the media controlled by it, and the neoconservatives that wantonly support it.

Satan isn't happy about this one.

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