Saturday, April 10, 2010

Seattle Times Says "Soldiers Did As Instructed"

One newspaper at least is apparently taking their role to be defending the actions of today's troops at all costs. It's the video games that are to blame, according to The Seattle Times. The action of the troops "although horrific, is understandable...The gunners did exactly as they were taught by the video-game industry and the U.S. military."

Not assigning any blame to the U.S. troops and the military command structure above them has become a kind of mantra in the U.S. born perhaps partly out of guilt for the real and supposed mistreatment of Vietnam veterans. So today many live in a fantasy world where U.S. soldiers and even the U.S. military can do no wrong. This attitude itself, helps to put soldiers above any moral law or rules of engagement and allows the mindless and cold-blooded killing of innocent people seen in the recent Wikileaks video.

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