Sunday, April 18, 2010

Southern Poverty Law Center's Out Of Whack List Of Patriots. SPLC, Who Do You Serve?

An organization which claims it is dedicated to "fighting hate and bigotry, and seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of society" seems to have taken on the role instead of simply defending our corporate owned government at all costs and attacking any of its detractors.

On a list which for the SPLC's supporters, one can only guess, is probably meant to be a list of dangerous types, we find people like Ron Paul, listed as a 'radical' conservative. Why? Because he wants to end the U.S. wars of aggression? Because he knows our financial system is corrupt?

Also on the list, Luke Rudkowski, who has fought for medical assistance for the 9/11 emergency workers, and wants a new investigation of 9/11, and has founded a youth group, We Are Change, with many chapters across the nation who protest and actively work to get more then just propaganda from our media and our politicians. Oh, dear me, scary scary bigot he must be. He actually thinks the American establishment is corrupt, he must be a racist.

They lump people with principles and ideals, like those, together with demonic shape-shifting false prophets like Glenn Beck, who may very well be working for the CIA.

SPLC, get with it, or get out.

As Bob Dylan says: "Your old road is rapidly changing, get out of the new one, if you can't lend a hand."

Below is a video, of the 'dangerous patriot', Luke Rudkowski, who has recently gotten the attention of Stephen Colbert.


  1. Films, media exposure, entertainment, commercialization. We've become as two dimensional as the screens that command our subservient allegiance and bear the incessant images which ensnare and captivate our consciousnesses. By the essence of the passive nature which it engages, television has by its very nature proven itself most capable of co-opting even the most radical movements for "change". (Witness the apotheosis of the great prevaricator Obama).

    Colbert's nod to the ebullient Radowski could be interpreted just as well as a sarcastic and contemptuous putdown which effectively buried the Bilderberger cabal more than bringing it to light. Radowski's need for the limelight seems to overshadow his message in this encounter as he sensationally refers to personal "death threats", a non-issue which Colbert sneeringly latches onto. Luke seems to be moving more and more into the camp of the controlled opposition where his mentor and handler Jones has been firmly entrenched for years.

    This is only the logical progression for such "ambush Journalism" whose immediate objective is to establish a media identity and attract a following all the while recording these largely puerile stunts with your video camera. The narcissistic and self congratulatory exposure is often in direct and inverse proportion to any effective outcome which is as flimsy and insubstantial as the images which flicker across the screen and just as soon disappear back into the void.

  2. I think he actually does good work. I've seen him in action. That goes for Jones too. The points you raised were ones I also thought of and kind of agree, but we all have faults. I am still grateful Rudkowski and Jones do what they do. Sometimes I politely disagree here or there, but mostly they are trying very hard to make an impact. To me the most glaring fault in this case belongs to the SPLC who are clearly making a muck of their declared role, what their actual role is at this point is unclear.

  3. I agree with you about Radowski, whom I met a couple of years ago along with Jones. He's a courageous and dedicated activist and puts himself bodily on the line as at the G-20 in Pittsburgh last year and especially so for the rights of the first responders at Ground Zero. He is bona fide. I disagree however with such grandstanding as displayed with Colbert and IMHO I think it diminishes and detracts from his otherwise strong and focused message.

    His association w/Jones has gained him much exposure at the expense of his independence, as he has come more and more into the InfoWar orbit. The SPLC along with their cohorts at the ADL are little more than federal provocateurs and agents and need to be outed as much as possible. In that process maybe you'll have the honor of finding yourself on somebody's death list.

    BTW, the videos are coming through fine.Maybe it was something on this end.