Friday, April 2, 2010

Obama Appoints Pesticide Lobbyist to Chief Agricultural Negotiotator

Mr. Change does it again. From Cryptogon.

Well it's all perfectly orwellian. The way it should be when a country is run like organized crime.

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  1. This post really led me down another of the infinite number of rabbit holes that lead into the crisscrossing and interconnected paths comprising the NWO maze. The particular chamber of horrors I ended up in is called the Center for Strategic and International Studies where Mr. Islam Siddiqui apparently spent a good deal of time honing his skills in spreading the poisons and Franken food grotesqueries of his Monsanto masters. The CSIS has an imbedded relationship with the IMF and plays an elemental role in the evolving IMF schema for global domination and eventual world governance. Not only is this country run by organized crime as you suggest, but the IMF gangsters, who as we will find out are the architects of large portions of American domestic and foreign policy, are making a global play as well in the service of which we find such unsavory characters as Mr. Siddiqui and his odious captain, Barry Soetero.