Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Patsy Time!; One Of These Things Is Not LIke The Others!

An article on Prison Planet, If Abdulmutallab Trained With Al-Qaeda, Why Did The U.S. Government Let Him On A Plane?, raises questions about a new video claimed to show Abdulmutallab training with "Al-Qaeda."

Fuming with the evisceration of the ludicrous official story behind the Detroit plane bomber incident, the dubious Pentagon front IntelCenter has released a video tape which allegedly shows Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab training with “Al-Qaeda” in Yemen. Unfortunately, the tape still fails to explain why the U.S. government intentionally let a known terror suspect board a commercial airliner...

As detailed in an earlier post, the State Department was asked to purposefully not revoke Abdulmutallab's visa by an unnamed U.S. intelligence agency. The State Department was responding to warnings from the father of Abdulmutallab and began the process to revoke a visa, which now includes asking the opinion first of the intelligence agencies before revoking the visa. This centralization, although sold as a security improvement, could however enable any hypothetical corrupt elements in the intelligence agencies with independent agendas to better control operations, and keep elements of the government which are out of the loop from getting in the way. Not a happy thought.

Anyway why should you listen to me, these geezers have got it all figured out below.

Update: Some of the footage is old - ABC News.

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