Saturday, April 17, 2010

In Ridiculous Story, Bin Laden Wants Satellite Dish, Atta Plays Playstation Before 9/11

In a new article on the Daily Mail's website, MailOnline, we hear how "Osama Bin Laden requested a satellite TV dish be installed in his Afganistan hideaway so he could watch the September 11, 2001 terror attacks as they happened" only to find later that he "was unable to get a signal." Nasser Al Bahri, Bin Laden's former bodyguard, also known as Abu Jandal (aka The Killer), also saw Mohammed Atta hanging out in a Pakistan safe house as well where he "was playing video games on a PlayStation where he was flying a plane."

According to the article, Al Bahri also states that "he was the first person to help the CIA link Bin Laden to the September 11 hijackers, who he said were his 'friends'."

Funny, I guess DIck Cheney didn't completely buy his story since in the audio segment from 2006 below he says they have nothing to link Bin Laden to the attacks at all.

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