Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coward Cop Tasers Old Lady

He was recently cleared of wrong doing by a grand jury. Three Seattle cops were also recently cleared of wrong doing in their tasering of a pregnant women who refused to sign a traffic ticket.

Here is another video about an old man getting tasered, there are loads more all over the internet. To add insult to injury the man was charged with public intoxication in his own back yard. A pregnant women was also tasered in this incident as well.

Here are some more. Enjoy!


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  2. The majority of citizens live in fear of and hatred of the municipal, state and federal police agencies. These videos give a stark and graphic display of why that chronic disposition is becoming even more pronounced. One has to wonder what kind of society would produce these monsters much less turn them loose on its populace.

    The brutal and sadistic psychopaths on display here have been given absolute sanction to intimidate and terrorize innocent and vulnerable persons, inflicting their perverted blood lusts on their hapless and unfortunate victims.

    All of us are but one step away from a most unpleasant encounter with one of these predators who prowl our neighborhoods, streets, and highways in the name of civic order. What is even worse is the respect, servile obeisance and even hero worship accorded to these criminals.

    The deviously ingenious and morally crippled technocrats who concocted and profit from these instruments of torture should be in the docket of some war crimes tribunal subject to the most severe penalties human justice can devise.Yet there is no such justice and they and their squads of thugs will continue to operate with impunity against a cowed and compliant public increasingly subjected to their appalling aggressions.

  3. but also yard the juries recognize no wrong doing, so the trend continues. enough of the public supports tasers it seems to allow it to continue. i believe it is the taser itself which invites this "pain compliance" which is akin to torture.