Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Levin to Goldman Sachs: ‘You Knew It Was a S–tty Deal!’

More info on the video at PrisonPlanet.


  1. you know George, this whole Goldman issue smacks so much of a red herring, that I find it impossible to understand, given the obvious redolence of the fishy smell across the trail how anyone could not fail to notice the transparent attempt to distract attention from the real issues of the corruption of the regulatory agencies themselves, especially the SEC, and the criminal collusion of the Soetero administration with the Bushes and the Clintons in the looting of the Treasury at the behest of the mad Paulson twins (Hank and John). The whole effort is to lead the dogs off the scent which inevitably leads, as always, to the highest levels of government, reeking with the rank foulness of endemic malfeasance and systemic criminality. As Tarpley says, Goldman should be seized and dismantled and the derivative instruments and their toxic legacies simply cancelled and expunged forever. I think that's a modest starting point for a new beginning. Anything short of that is just more window dressing.

  2. well said. i dont view the goldman investigations in a negative light, but people need to be vigilant regarding the truth and full extent of the corruption. im not an expert at all on this issue, but i can see how an attempt might be made to let off some of the public steam, we need to make sure any changes are more then just watching old faithful blow for public spectacle. the ones who mentioned breaking up the too big to fail banks, this seems like a good idea to me. marc faber's comments were interesting. i maintain an open mind about it, since i need to find out more of the details.