Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Not The Socialists.


I am proud of the 9/11 Truth Movement, Ron Paul and what could be a real positive change in the party called the Republican Party, but the swallowing whole of the originally libertarian, Ron Paul inspired Tea Party by mainline Republicans simply angry at Obama, in my opinion, is not an encouraging sign.

The status quo which has brought this country into so much trouble, is like the split tongue of a snake. Two parties which are both corrupt, bought off by a corrupt establishment, and though they have similar policies, manage to convince the majority of Americans that their side is good, and the other so evil. The football game continues. The wars continue. The debts continue. The corruption continues.

A majority of republicans are scared to tears about a socialism they believe is rapidly encroaching on them, being led by pied pipers like Sarah Palin, Beck or Rush Limbaugh. Obama is the fascist...uh...socialist.....figure that one out. The reality is that Obama, like George W. Bush, whatever his opinions, strengths or weaknesses may be, is only a frontman, bought off already by vested interests like the banks, investment banks, oil and arms industry, and the international corporations in general. These are the people who rule us today, and the football game of bashing liberals and socialists, who still exist in nice places like Norway, Sweden, or France, is a joke. Oh yes, it's all the liberals', the socialists' and unions' fault. Give me a break. Learn to stop thinking this Reagan brainwashing and we make a great leap forward as a country. The corruption is as much 'right' as 'left.' If the idea of free market is just used to give more power to the massive international corporations which already have stolen so much and control so much, then we are walking backwards, thinking we are escaping some kind of imagined 'socialism.'

Sure, communism has a bad and corrupt history indeed, but although the National Socialists in Germany took the name 'socialist' as part of their name, it was actually the Democratic Socialists of Germany who openly spoke out against the Nazis.
Hate socialism if you want, the real enemy however is corruption, a corruption which can easily be disguised as 'free market' capitalism as well. Obama in any case, as Ron Paul has stated, is hardly a socialist surrounded as he is by his Wall Street advisors.

Get it right, or they win, once again.

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