Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just When We Finally Start To Get Our House In Order, That's The Time For The Cabal To Make Their Next False Flag?

Right around 9/11 we had the revelations concerning TRILLIONS of unaccounted for Pentagon spending coming to the surface, the Enron Scandal, the bursting of the bubble. Are we not in a similar time with all these investigations starting to take place? As some are suggesting, could the rogue network of Wall Street and Washington, the Cabal, the Octopus, it has many names, be ready to strike once again?

Alex Jones on Max Kaiser's show presents the possibility of the Military-Industrial Complex creating a terrorist incident of tragic nuclear proportions to bring us into martial law.


  1. Not much really new with Jones here. He's learned to hedge his more outlandish prognostications with many caveats, especially when he's out of house. His disastrous Y2K performance still lingers. George, I have to go to other sites or youtube to view your videos because of the many lags here due to buffering(?). They play normally elsewhere. I originally thought it was on my end but you might want to check this out. Looks like you've been really busy with many informative and timely posts especially over the past week. Goats and Men is a great clearing house for the latest "contemporary farces". Good work!

  2. really...buffering? what could that be?
    how would I check it out?

    thanks yardfarmer....I just blog almost as a kind of habit at this point, wanting to get the info out to people I know and don't know. your insightful comments add a lot to the issues as well!