Monday, April 12, 2010

Gates On Helicopter Murder Video: "Should Not Have Lasting Consequences"

All in a day's work.

Here is the link to the ABC News article.


  1. The U.S. military and its MSM propaganda mill is spinning madly trying vainly to control the damage to their public relations department which this graphic video has dealt them. Neal Conan, over at NPR, hosted a program today which could well have been scripted by the Pentagon. An Iraq veteran, popular novelist coupled with a Georgetown law professor engaged in the prevailing sophistry attempting to sanitize, obfuscate, and rationalize the irrefutable evidence of this atrocity.

    Gates' smug and hypocritical disavowals pretend an equal distance from the war crimes. Aside from Gates, who one might expect to be haled before some future Nuremburg convention, anyone who attempts to qualify or justify this national bloodsport in Iraq and Central Asia stands equally guilty of complicity, collusion and conspiracy to commit murder.

  2. exactly. i understand the talk about heat of battle and all that, but it wasnt the ground troops who were gruesome in this case, it was the guys in the choppers and the communication operators.
    on the mail online link from the last post you can see alot of brits think that they arent as trigger happy as their american allies. that may well be true, as i have the feeling that in both training and attitude something is seriously lacking in our view of warfare, namely seriousness and responsibility. but heck...we have long underestimated in our culture thinking before acting...following too often the corporate slogan even in warfare, just do it.