Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Coward Locker

The text below is taken from a comment by Danse on 9/11 Blogger.

Percent of civilian deaths:

WWI -- 14%
WWII -- 67%
1989-2005 -- 90%

Anyone who joins the military in the 21st century will become a participant in the mass killing of innocent civilians. The average US soldier makes Jeffrey Dahmer look like a humanitarian. This is not meant in jest. Soldiers may not eat their victims like Mr. Dahmer, but the body count of the US military makes your average serial killer look like a common criminal.

Baby killers? You betcha. This is not "war". This is mass butchery. The "soldiers" in the video have clearly been brainwashed to take delight in the practice of mass murder. They kill humans with the relish of a sadistic child burning ants with a magnifying glass. The new "video game" style of "war" is the height of cowardice. There isn't a trace of honor in the activities of these men.

Blaming soldiers for war is a little like blaming McDonald's employees for factory farming. Most of them come from poor backgrounds and are economically blackmailed into becoming killers. So long as there are large disparities in wealth there will be a steady stream of bodies to feed the maw of the military machine. Nevertheless, I think it's important we emphasize that the soldier's profession is a despicable one. Parents need to teach this to their children. These individuals do not deserve respect but repudiation. This has nothing to do with self-defense. The heroes are on the side of the resistance.

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