Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We've Got Five Years, That's All We Got....Or Not?

From Is Iran Really a Threat?, by Ray McGovern on Counterpunch.

Indeed, the Iranians have been about five years away from a nuclear weapon for several decades now, according to periodic intelligence estimates. They just never seem to get much closer. But there’s no trace of embarrassment among U.S. policymakers or any notice of this slipping timetable by the FCM.

Not that NIEs – or U.S. officials – matter much in terms of a potential military showdown with Iran. The “decider” here is Netanyahu, unless Obama stands up and tells him, publicly, “If you attack Iran, you’re on your own.”

Don’t hold your breath.


  1. sometimes i get the impression that this incessant drumbeat mass indoctrination about the impending "attack on Iran" is calculated to entrain the brain waves into such an expectation of the hypothetical event, that when what was once unthinkable actually occurs, people will have such an unquestioning acceptance of the inevitable that the actual event will acquire the character of a correctly forecasted weather phenomenon with as little concern to anyone as the passing inconvenience of an anticipated disturbance in the upper atmosphere. In fact people might not so much merely expect the phenomenon as actually demand that it occur just out of profound irritation that they've been subjected to such an insistent and demanding expectation which never seems to materialize but hovers maddeningly just out of reach like some mosquito that annoyingly buzzes about until the tantalizing moment when it finally alights and you have the opportunity to slap the insensible annoyance into oblivion. Is that madness or what? btw, George that new header is just a splendid piece of absurdity.

  2. haha, know the picture is actually of a free mason initiation ceremony known as "riding the goat" its as good as any symbol of the lunacy of our times.

    as for the iran thing. it amazes me, though it shouldn't, how many americans have bought into the iran is evil concept. there is a constant stream of propaganda meant to demonize iran as cruel to women and other groups. of course i wouldnt want to live in iran, and i dont approve of islamic fundamentalism any more then any other type of fundamentalism, however i can see the double standard. women are also repressed in saudi arabia, and other middle eastern countries which we consider to be our allies. our government couldnt care less about the treatment of women or spreading democracy in my opinion, those are just the selling points of a future war for control of central asia, and keeping the oil trade in dollars and the last resources of the region and keeping china and russia at bay etc....

  3. keeping oil in dollars? i thought that was over and done with. arab countries as well as iran is clear. they will phase out dollar.A lot of other countries will do or are in the process of doing the changes as we speak. World currency will change, the question is what will be done (staged) to get it there?