Saturday, April 17, 2010

New York, Washington Top of List, but LA, San Francisco Preparing For 10 Kiloton Nuclear Attack

Some stray articles I found thinking of the recent warnings.

From Homeland1 and The Daily News Of Los Angeles, LA preparing for nuclear attack.

A couple years ago, from SfGate, Preparing for the unthinkable - nuclear attack.

Of course, we know that Al-Qaeda (whatever, whoever that is) is 'certain' to attempt to attack us in the next six months from this Washington Post article.

With these kinds of choices, one almost wishes they would just stick to knocking down single buildings, and not mile radiuses of them, whoever "they" actually are.

Update: Fema has NLE exercises planned for nuclear detonation scenarios for May of 2010 in Regions IX (CA,NV,AZ) and VIII (MT,WY,UT,CO,ND,SD) and the NCR, or National Capitol Region, as well as continuity of government scenarios under the name Eagle Horizon.

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  1. Apparently the National Level Exercise, scheduled for May and simulating a nuclear attack on Las Vegas strip has been drastically scaled back due to objections by Senate Majority leader Harry Reid on behalf of casino owners and business interests who claimed the exercise would drive away tourists and have a negative impact on the local economy. At the some time reservations about the cost and relative effectiveness of previous exercises were aired by Janet Napolitano leading some to question the readiness and competency of FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security to even properly respond in the event of a "terrorist attack" or natural disaster.

    The LA emergency preparedness exercise is going ahead as the city teeters on the verge of bankruptcy following revelations that LA has $1.5 billion in unfunded pension liabilities. As to the whole domestic nuclear attack issue, the madmen at the National Security Agency are pulling the wraps off some big plans in the works to preempt these increasingly serious and unmanageable economic woes with a super 9/11 style attack possibly involving nuclear devices. So they're once again rolling the old Al-CIAde warhorse out of the lumber room to strike terror in the ever credulous and delusional peasantry. Ho-hum, a national default and economic collapse and now a looming nuclear attack on the horizon. Just another day in the American madhouse. No worries....