Friday, September 10, 2010

A New Domestic Terrorism Organization For 26 Alleged Would Be American Terrorists?

That's what a new paper from The Bipartisan Policy Center now being heralded by 9/11 commission geniuses Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton seems to suggest.

As if the creation of the Homeland Security Department and the 850,000 Americans with top secret security clearance aren't enough.

I had a post a while back about a possible new counter terrorism agenda being directed now against Americans. Could this be what I was expecting?

Perhaps every dubious and suspicious terror plot from Joe Stack and The Times Square Bomber to The Christmas Bomber is somehow connected to this agenda?

In a key passage on page 29, the report even eerily uses a special term, instead of counter-terrorism, now they talk about counter-radicalism, a vague and dangerous formulation for a democracy.

It is fundamentally troubling, given this collection of new threats and new adversaries directly targeting America, that there remains no federal government agency or department specifically charged with identifying radicalization and interdicting the recruitment of U.S. citizens or residents for terrorism. As one senior intelligence analyst lamented, “There’s no lead agency or person. There are First Amendment issues we’re cognizant of. It’s not a crime to radicalize, only when it turns to violence. There are groups of people looking at different aspects of counter-radicalization. [But it] has to be integrated across agencies, across levels of government, public-private cooperation” - - which, unfortunately, it is not. America is thus vulnerable to a threat that is not only diversifying, but arguably intensifying.

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