Monday, September 13, 2010

Call Obama A Prick And You Will Be Barred From The Country

From Prison Planet.

America faces a new threat possibly so severe that it has prompted President Obama and the FBI to take affirmative preventative action.
No, it does not come in the form of radical religious extremist terrorists or international criminal enterprises, but rather it consists of drunken seventeen year old boys sending naughty emails to the White House.
As reported by Sky News, British teenager Luke Angel has been banned from the US for life after he sent an email insulting the President by calling him a nasty name...


  1. is that all it takes to get media attention? get me the email adress!

    it's on reuters and consequently in all major newsappers repeated as true but they say.. threatening mail and nothing about the content of the email.. the boy have forget he says..

    SO.. what does this tell you about this story?

  2. i don't know what does it tell you?