Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Motion Picture Association Of America Wants To Know If Anti-Counterfeiting Agreement Can Be Used Against Wikileaks

Now isn't this interesting? Movie studios want to take out Wikileaks. Playing their role as the propaganda wing of the ruling corrupt American corporate mafia perhaps?

From Techdirt

The folks over at Open Acta Mexico sent over their report on an open information meeting at the Ministry of the Economy in Mexico about ACTA last week. There were two oddities that they called attention to. The first is that there was an MPAA representative at the meeting, who apparently asked whether or not ACTA could be used to block access to "damaging" sites like Wikileaks. As the Open Acta Mexico people asked, what does Wikileaks have to do with movies? It seems like an interesting question, though, and I'm assuming that the MPAA is using Wikileaks as an example of a site they deem "dangerous" to get the idea across, so that later when they designate other sites (say... The Pirate Bay....) as dangerous, they can use this to make the case it should be blocked. Nice to see the MPAA is so blatant about using copyright for censorship...

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