Monday, September 6, 2010

The Embedded Reporter, A Nerd Among His Heroes...

The embedded reporter is one device which the military might have figured out as an answer to their failure in Vietnam to win the information battle.

An embedded reporter bonds with his fellow GI's always displayed and described as the more powerful, more manly, and obviously more heroic protectors of the scared "intellectual" reporter. This is what the military wants, this is also representative of alot of contemporary American culture, where an intellectual, instead of an asset, is treated more like something which must be tolerated by the real men who fight the real wars, win the football games etc...

The fact is, it is partly the courageous reporting from Vietnam which ended that miserable war.

But this is something the military has effectively replaced with frightened effeminate weasel-like embedded reporters idolizing their military protectors. As Julian Assange in the video below says in slightly more words, no wonder people have so little idea of what is really going on in these wars.

So have a look at a trailer from Generation Kill, pure pro-war propaganda with a sitcom candy coating, and below it a clip from a seminar where Julian Assange of Wikileaks shows a clip of reporter Graeme Smith, practically salivating over the intense experiences he had bonding with his unit, playing right into the hands of the military leadership(at 3:30)...You drank the kool-aid fool.


  1. I stopped reading after your use of the word "effeminate" just like the endlessly current use of the word "douchebag" I am so sick of the last bastion of violence & derision being directed at women.

    All right - I think your website is very important, but please fix your comments field! Maybe that's why there are zero comments on every article! Your comments field is just not working correctly - internet geek tech EMT - ASAP!

    Thank you, though. You're an important source of the only "news".

    More Geek-Tech, please, and you will be an important voice!
    Please do not judge me upon my writing skills until you fix your site.

    Thank you.

  2. Have I used the word douchebag? If I have, I certainly doubt I was criticizing a women with it. It's not a pretty word, but is often used just like slimeball or scumbag for that matter.

    In the case of using the word "effeminate" again this is not criticizing women at all, but instead describing how the pentagon wishes to present journalists, as "less" then the "real" men. As cowardly creatures who worship their military protectors. I have nothing against men who are "effeminate', but I do probably have something against men who idolize a military which is clearly doing a lot of harm.

    I'll see if I can find some more Geek-Tech for you....:-)

  3. @anonymous Evidently you're fixated on questions of mere semantics as they relate to some assumed standard of political correctness. As usual, Mr Milton raised some very significant questions which are of great interest and a considerable complexity. You would do well to address yourself to the seriousness of these issues rather than incidental and superficial elements of his site. OGAM is indeed an "important source" as you readily admit. Fortunately for his serious readership, he is concerned with excellent sourcing accented by the sometimes biting insights of his occasional personal commentary. BTW, as far as I'm concerned, his is already an "important voice" and a most welcome one.

  4. yardfarmer have you had any trouble posting comments? It sounds as if anonymous meant that he/she was having trouble posting comments...