Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Peace" Think Tank Censors 9/11 Truth?

From Prison Planet.

...9/11 Truth issues have made the top 25 Project Censored awards frequently over the past nine years.
Last week, Project Censored directors Dr. Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff explained the difficulties to KPFA’s Guns and Butter broadcast, a favourite “progressive” talk radio show in the San Francisco Bay Area.
They noted that for the first time, pieces they had submitted to publication outlet Minuteman Media on the evidence for a cover up of the truth surrounding the 9/11 attacks had been actively rejected. Huff explained that since Minuteman media had been taken over by a left leaning Washington Think Tank called The Institute for Policy Studies, the subject has been blackballed:
“We’ve never had an op-ed piece that we were contracted to do rejected, outright rejected, and it wasn’t just rejected because of some contractual issue or violation,” Huff said. “We were actually told specifically from people at IPS that it was because we mentioned 9/11 as part of a piece on state crimes against democracy.”...


  1. these obscurantist left cover shills join the ranks of significant left gate keepers such as Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, the ultimate controlled asset and Henry Kissinger fabrication, Noam Chomsky (see Daniel Estulin) Norman Solomon of the Progressive and Alternative Radio's David Barsamian.

    All of the above have become notable misdirection specialists attempting to forever bury any serious investigation of this most seminal event in American history since the Kennedy assassination which they also all go to great lengths to avoid any serious consideration of.

    It takes only the most cursory research to uncover their prominent foundation sponsors such as the Ford and Bill and Melinda Gates foundations as well as Soros ubiquitous Institute for an Open Society among many others. These high profile left guardians are bought and sold. Chomsky answers to Kissinger and Associates. Goodman is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ford foundation as was Stanley Ann Dunham. Add to the list the whole panoply of the NPR feel good millionaire foundations.

    This plague of media whores is singularly responsible for the widespread suppression of what is actually a great deal of sound and generally irrefutable evidence concerning 9/11.

  2. i agree there. though ive seen a video where goodman says she believes there should be a new investigation.

    i cant understand how anyone thinks something like this should just be ignored. killing 3000 of your own people and traumatizing a nation isn't something that can be brushed under the rug.