Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Europe Plots Show al-Qaida 'Escalation' to Assault-Style Attacks

This doesn't bode well at all. Especially since there is some evidence that the Mumbai attacks, which these plots are being compared to, were conducted by a CIA agent who "went rogue" if you believe them. Maybe these new ones will be as well? Try to scare Europe into backing neocon stratagies perhaps?

From Newsmax.

Intelligence experts warned Wednesday that the massive terror plot involving simultaneous assault-style attacks in London, Paris, and Germany represents a serious escalation in al-Qaida's war with the West, and poses a clear and present danger to the United States.

European counterterrorism officials are describing the plan of attack as being modeled on the November 2008 assault in Mumbai, India. In that attack, several teams fanned out across the city and used explosives and automatic weapons to kill over 170 people.

Der Spiegel is reporting a 36-year-old Hamburg man who was arrested in Kabul in July provided authorities with intelligence about a series of attacks planned for Germany and neighboring European countries. He stated several teams of attackers bearing European passports had received training in remote Waziristan and Pakistan.

The plot is believed related to heightened security around the Eiffel Tower, which has been closed to tourists twice in the past week.

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  1. How quaint that the revelation of this supposed terrorist attack by an actually non-existent entity almost completely fabricated by US/UK intelligence agencies is coincident with wide scale social unrest roiling the Continent. How convenient. Actually the entire blueprint for institutional economic and false flag state terrorism continues unabated spawned from the great shining lie of 9/11. Yet these the illuminati schemes are now in critical need of some obvious resuscitation, rehabilitation and some minor re-tooling as the engineered crisis transitions into a new and uglier phase of advanced global criminality. Indeed this and a whole series of parallel provocations do not bode at all well, Prepare for the worst.