Thursday, September 16, 2010

Government Breastfeeding From Corporations Displayed In Congresswoman's video

Breitbart presents this recording on his website Big Government. What it really seems to me though is government, in this case a congresswoman, having to beg corporations and their lobbyists for money. It isn't really the government in that case which is wearing the pants, but big business. Yes big government, but a big government enslaved to corporations. If campaign contributions were regulated with campaign finance reform, yes regulated, then you wouldn't have the congress begging corporations for money to win elections, right? But no, then all the republicans would shout "big government!" "End the regulations!" More Power to Big Business!" So then you get even more lobbying. Hell, why don't we just let Monsanto, Boeing, and Goldman Sachs run our government? It's basically what we have anyway. I try to explain this and have not yet heard much of an answer from the anti-government side. We need to be anti- (corrupt) establishment, not just anti-government.

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