Thursday, September 30, 2010

Questions About 'Devastating' Times Square Bomb Test

A recent ABC article includes a video showing some impressive explosive power in a Joint Terror Task Force test of a bomb they claim to be the same as the Times Square Bomber's bomb.

Did they use the firecrackers that Faisal Shahzad used for this test which were the wrong firecrackers, which would have never blown anything up according to experts involved with the case?

The fireworks -- M88 Silver Salutes -- will only explode if they are individually lit, according to Bruce Zoldan, who owns the 55-store Phantom Fireworks chain, which includes the Matamoros outlet where Shahzad made his buy.

Zoldan said Shahzad probably believed that the 152 M88 Silver Salutes he left in a Nissan Pathfinder next to canisters of gasoline and propane and bags of fertilizer would ignite as a group if one was set alight next to them, which is not the case.

Instead, the bomb Shahzad admittedly left in the Pathfinder in Times Square on Saturday evening only smoldered after he lit at least one of the firecrackers, investigators said. And the fertilizer left in the bomb turned out to be non-explosive, which meant the explosion caused by any successful ignition of the propane and gasoline would have been much less powerful.

Did they also use the wrong fertilizer which Faisal Shahzas used?

New York police officers have claimed that the would be car bomber at Times Square had more than 100 pounds of fertilizer, but not the kind that would explode.

Instead of using ammonium nitrate, police said the alleged bomber used harmless fertilizer.

None of the so called journalists ask, but no doubt the Joint Terror Task Force didn't use the same "wrong" materials for their bomb, or it would have been an unimpressive dud, and not suited for the purposes of brainswashing and propaganda.

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