Sunday, September 5, 2010

What Most Of America Can't Admit To.

If you are wondering why Obama can't seem to stand up and fight for all those great things he said on his campaign trail, if you are wondering why "Change" has turned into such a great disappointment, have a look at this video and realize how deep in shit we are really standing, how massive the lies really are which the establishment (our president included) arrogantly props up in mainstream newspapers, polite discussions everywhere, and all over TV. America is living in a completely false world, unable to accept that forces within it's own establishment could have acted to ruthlessly murder innocent people on 9/11, even though that same establishment has a history of organizing terror as varied and as rich as any Al-Qaeda who they happened to put on the payroll. It really is that screwed up. So don't be surprised next time you see our president ignoring reality and praising what should be his political opponents with zombified "body snatcher" emotionless rhetoric. They are all playing on the same team, the team that refuses to admit the truth to the public which they seek only to control.

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