Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Do Governments Aid Terrorists? (Yes, Mr. Pipes, Kristol, Lieberman and Cheney, We Know They Do.)

Recently the CIA links of terrorist Abdolmalek Rigi, the leader of the Pakistan-based Jundullah terrorist organization, have been revealed after his capture and confirmed by a former US intelligence official. But this should come as no surprise since ABC news reported on our support of Jundallah years ago. Reports by Seymour Hersh and in the Telegraph newspaper and elsewhere also document our support of terrorist groups and CIA black ops to destabilize Iran.
But not only does our government aid terrorists to destabilize our supposed enemies, there are also many examples where agencies within our government have even aided terrorists planning attacks against our own country or our allies. Sometimes an FBI 'informant' has aided the terrorists, paid their rent, or helped them build bombs that later explode. Other times, while ordinary citizens are harassed by authorities at airports, visas have been purposely provided to known terrorists to enter our country or freely travel between countries.

Here are just a few examples. Feel free to comment if you can think of some examples that I have missed. (i'm going for public knowledge examples here, real out in the open stuff)


1. Christmas bomber – visa intentionally not revoked
2. David Coleman Headley – ‘easily’ optained a visa to enter India
3. Mohammed Atta – visa for U.S. ‘not scrutinized’
4. 9/11 Hijackers – 15 of the 19 received visas from CIA run Jeddah consulate.

FBI (or other agency) Aided Terrorists:

1. 93 WTC Bomb Making Aided By FBI Informant
2. Oklahoma City Bombing ‘directed’ by FBI Official
3. 9/11 Hijackers lived with FBI Informant
4. FBI operative Ali Mohamed trained Al Qaida Terrorists
5. Saeed Sheikh, terrorist “originally recruited by British intelligence agency, MI6”

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