Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WMDs, IEDs, Who Cares? Nobody Reads...

Read all about it. A bunch of crazy muffins the government said were getting ready to take over the country with their WMDs were arrested. Or do they mean IEDs? Sounds more like the latter since the article explains the WMDs they mean are "explosively formed projectiles." That's used in an IED or roadside bomb apparently. Has its own Wikipedia page.

Makes for great headlines like this one: "Radical Christian Extremists Arrested for Planning WMD Attack"

So I guess Saddam had some WMDs afterall...not nukes, or chemical weapons, but maybe a few of these projectiles lying around to threaten the world with.

Of course the FBI admits to having an 'undercover agent' in the group.

Wait don't tell me...he bought the projectiles of mass destruction?


  1. Of course this is all evolving contiguously and integrated in lock step with the Stack, Bedell, Wicks provocations, the interesting convolutions of which you have already begun unravelling. Its good to see you're on the case on this one. These transparent machinations by the federales need the kind of systematic inquiry you and others have brought to bear upon them. I await the expected further revelations concerning this patently obvious government set up. Unfortunately we can only expect more and increasingly virulent provocations such as this to intimidate and demonize the responsible and effective outposts of dissent which dot the otherwise barren landscape of apathy and indifference.

  2. well yardfarmer, thats some very pasty white al-qaeda there...not like they didnt warn us...ill be following these stories closely.