Monday, March 15, 2010

Faber: If You Can't Leave U.S., Build Up Assets Outside U.S., Own Property Outside of Cities And Buy Gold

As the numb-minded media and public watch on as corruption thrives and metastasizes throughout our society and the economy barrels forward into an abyss of debt, low wages and unemployment Marc Faber suggests a few things that might help.

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  1. As it might be ultimately understood at some future date, the Federal Reserve itself is involved in this same kind of repo scam for the same essential purposes as Lehman, except on a much more massive scale; to fraudulently capitalize insolvent balance sheets, a practice which, as Spitzer obliquely suggests, is actually a systemic feature of large institutional banking and a major reason the FASB enabled the phony mark to model asset evaluations for TBTF banks early last year. The engineered bear market rallies on both the DOW and S&P exchanges were a direct result. This is the real reason the Fed and the UST are so resistant to the transparency that Spitzer, Black and so many others have demanded. Any real unbiased investigation would reveal the same kind of Lehman criminality at the highest levels of government, collapsing once and for all the house of cards. No wonder we are hearing new and significant rumblings of war with Iran.(check out news/finaldestinationIran-1.1013151) The powerz are going to need a most momentous distraction to divert attention from the catastrophic economic implosion which these latest revelations are auguring.