Friday, March 12, 2010

Jesse Ventura Argues Truth In The Darkness Of Our Fake Mainstream History

Maybe we should expect another big attack soon, because whoever was behind 9/11 will have to do something soon to create a smokescreen to stop people like Ventura from convincing Americans that the fabrications of the mainstream media and many of our elected officials aren't to be believed in anymore.


  1. Ventura is just being worked by this gaggle of foolish and insufferably chattering squeeze bags..This type of ridiculous boob tube schlock will accomplish nothing but the trivialization of any serious historical analysis which for the most part is inaccessible to such superficial and empty headed non-entities anyway.There are two obvious methods for discrediting and co-opting ideas that threaten to expose the corrupt foundations of the death culture: one is outright suppression but more effective still is a seedy commercialization and the venality of info-tainment which dilutes and bastardizes truth. Good luck Jesse, I hope you sell a lot of books and meet a lot of really nice people.

  2. that's interesting. i was wondering why he was being allowed to speak and reach so many mainstream viewers. your conclusion provides a good answer. they think he is a clown and degrades his own movement. however i'm not completely convinced. i don't watch the today show or the view, but many people watch these things and if they listen to what he says, they might research further. masses of people won't just start reading tarpley without some exposure in other ways first. so I actually think this helps. i mean...they aren't going to let him on mcneil lehrer news hour are they? and this reaches more people anyway so....

  3. You're hopeful, George. And that's a good thing. He does kind of look like a clown though, especially in the middle of all those nanny goats and I think that was the intended effect. And you're right, Tarpley is certainly not going to land on any of their bookshelves too soon, whereas Jesse "the body" sure will. Maybe Webster needs a makeover. lol!