Saturday, March 6, 2010

Vision of the Future?

a quick glance into the very near future... through rush hour crowds one stumbles out of the Times Square subway station to look up and see on the giant telescreen the latest anti-government villian displayed by Homeland Security. His name is Robert Brooks Evans and he is the latest 'white Al Qaeda' to commit a violent anti-government act in the Homeland. Video footage of the incident, which for security reasons cannot be revealed, is told to show the Hate criminal firing a pellet gun at an armored police vehicle. The telescreen describes how books on 9/11 conspiracy theories and the pellet gun, both outlawed recently by the Anti-Gun and Terrorist Paraphenalia Act of 2011, were found in the criminal's apartment which he shared with his mother. Luckily for the frightened population he was caught and and is awaiting a military tribunal proceeding at one of the government camps. One of the policemen in the vehicle, Officer Brad Debrave, was injured slightly by the Hate criminal, but is recovering at home and is in good condition. During the gunfight, Officer Debrave, a true American hero, was hit on his body armor and knocked to the ground by the force of the pellet gun, but his military training after five tours in Iran suddenly clicked into gear and he returned fire and managed to apprehend the wounded Hate criminal. The thousands of small lights change on the telescreen to next reveal an advertisement to join the military and help join the hundreds of thousands of Americans fighting and dying in what has now nearly become a World War in the Middle East...

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