Sunday, March 28, 2010

Alex Jones In The Belly Of The Beast

Special Editorial:

Below are two videos of Alex Jones in an explosive CNN interview. Before you watch those two videos I would like to preface them with a few personal comments relating to my feelings on watching them. I used to both watch CNN regularly as well as read The New York Times for much of my adult life. A few years ago things started to change. After 9/11, which caught most of us by surprise, and the events that followed, Amercia took what seemed like a new turn. Suddenly it was 'OK' for America to start wars of aggression against countries with little or no relationship to the acts of 9/11 which were used as their justifications. Hundreds of thousands have died in those wars, period. They reflect much more closely then a willingness to 'stop' terrorism, a geopolitical goal of occupying Central Asia as a military strategy. Who that strategy serves is something which should be debated. Clear however is that it is not the terrorists who have taken away our rights, but our own government, through the so called 'Patriot Act' and other legislation. It has gone so far that the government claims it can justifiably pick out Americans for execution without trial or otherwise, and eliminate them. It can incarcerate Americans forever if it wishes. It can shut down our lines of open communication in a state of emergency. It listens in on our telephone communications. It has secret lists of those it deems as 'threats.' These are the actions, not of healthy democracies, but of tyrannical regimes. The October Surprise of 1980, the Supreme Court election decision of 2000, and the Ohio vote rigging of 2004, bring the validity even of our own elections into question. This is the legacy of PNAC documents, the corrupt elements of the Reagan Revolution, and neoconservatism, as well as a spinless Democratic Party which seems to rather fight small battles, ingratiate itself with Wall Street, and find hidden benefits for themselves as the larger issues of corruption go forward, a corruption often fully supported by mainline Republicans fooled into thinking it is "good for America.'
I used to read the New York Times and watch CNN. I do so occaisionally still, but knowing now that what I am reading is, if not pure, then at least largely propaganda. Sure, occaissionally a good article is in the New York TImes, and the New York Post for example is even worse. Nonetheless it is media institutions like the New York Times or CNN which wholeheartedly have given fake liberal backing to our wars of aggression, our loss of liberty, and constantly look for support for future military engagements with Iran, just to use one example. They have become with few exceptions, warmongering elements of the media, and Alex Jones is right to say that "they have blood on THEIR hands."
Though I support and respect Alex Jones, I might not agree with everything Alex Jones says or believes. I have some differences with the negative view he takes towards all forms of modern socialism for example. I know from some of my experiences living in modern Europe, that some 'socialist' policies do not imply tyranny any more then capitalism does, if moderated and combined with respect for individual rights and the rights of the people as a whole.
But in the end the struggle of today is not truly between left and right. The struggle today is between real and fake, between the 'Truthers' who want to know the reality of the world we live in, and react to it in a positive, democratic and rational way, and who support investigations of government and corporate actions, and the 'Fakeans' if you will, those that prefer to live in a fake world dictated to us through open lies in our media, and corrupt policies of propaganda and distortion that they believe keeps them 'safe.' Being lied to does not make me feel safe.

The fake world presented to us by the large corporations and political establishment is all intrusive and has many levels. We see it in the false 'official stories' which simply do not hold up under scrutiny of major events such as the JFK assassination or 9/11. We see it in the constant blitzkrieg of mindless advertising which we are subjected to. We see it in the plastic, manipulative and fake manner in which our politicians often talk down to us. We see it in the fake scare campaigns of swine flu, Wall Street bailouts and body scanner technology designed to make insiders of the corporate system even more rich. We see it in Wall Street itself, falsely inflated by its supporters and their policies. We can even see it in the degradation of popular art forms such as rock music, originally a gutsy music of rebellion, now a scared remnant steered by corporations into a form of advertising, escapism and somniferous elevator music at best, and outright propaganda for the establishment at worst.

Here is finally Alex Jones, in the belly of the beast:


  1. I had the disconcerting experience the other day of spending some time on the Georgia Guidestones website the other day. (Smithers has it posted over at 1776 on his NWO "what are they up to" list) There was a long essay there which could have been the template for Jones' well rehearsed and admittedly convincing weltanschuuang which is on full display here at CNN. Now why, I ask myself, is the Infowars game plan almost step for step replicated on the Georgia Guidestones site. To say I was surprised and shocked is an understatement. To put it mildly there was a massive disconnect which I am still at pains to understand. To say the least, it raised some very unsettling questions which indicated that:
    A. I must be missing out on something either due to some basic misperception, intellectual lapse or really naive misunderstanding or
    B. Jones really is some kind of mouthpiece for the very NWO agenda he is seemingly so intent on exposing, almost like he's the agent or mechanism for broadcasting "their" intents as they are obligated to do by their peculiar "ethic" which requires them to "warn" their intended victims, thus:
    1. Absolving themselves of any moral culpability inherent in their intended nefarious aims and
    2. Convicting, a priori, the masses they are attempting to delude, subjugate, and enslave of the very ignorance, moral indifference and pathetic inability to act in their own behalf which by the very laws of nature justifiably consign them to the inevitable extinction which they so deserve. (actually something Jones himself harps on daily on his broadcast)
    The Guidestones themselves give voice to this agenda. Lindsey Williams also testifies to it. I think that it at least bears some investigation. If this seemingly improbable and even preposterous assumption is the least bit credible then it follows that Jones recent and unprecedented appearances on the MSM (Geraldo and CNN) may signal that he has reached the limits of his usefulness as well as of his expanding profile and is being set up for a takedown.

  2. and the "takedown" would trigger a reaction, who knows what might happen. Leaders are identified and put to grass - this is sop in intelligence if they are considered as a threat. Alex jones is no different.

    Another way of looking at it is.. Control the opposition and you will always win. credibility is everything.

    There is no "winning" in this case. Just accept what is going on and focus inwards instead, that is what these "elitist" fear the most.Wisdom is within. pure and simple.

    Money is not enslaving you. You are inslaved by money. A big difference wouldn't you agree?

  3. I am not sure which post on the guidestones you are referring to. i dont think jones or infowars is replicating the message of the guidestones. some of the guidestones message is however the kind of thing most people would find hard to say is wrong. a line like "Balance personal rights with social duties" or "Prize truth - beauty - love - seeking harmony with the infinite" these things are not worthy of reproach are they? the creepy element on the guidestones for me at least is the idea that the population should be 'maintained' at less then 1/10th of what it is now, as well as the idea of the 'guidestones' that a group must watch over the rest of us. in other words the guidestones are for me creepy for two reasons. they recommend a massive reduction in the population of the earth as well as the simple fact that they also seem to speak to the idea that an elite should 'guide' the rest of us. this is of course reminiscient of the almost fascist, and definitely not democratic, idea of elite 'guardians' who will watch over the rest of society and decide what is best for it. the guidestones is a mixture of good and bad can find a line or two in it that seem to make sense, what is bad is the idea that someone else or some group knows what is best for us and that they seem to think nine out of ten of us shouldnt be here....thats my take on it.

  4. i found the guidestones post you mean!....yeah like i said for me there are two things there worthy of reproach, the idea that the guidestones speaks to an elite class of watchers or guardians who should 'maintain' the rest of us, and most significantly the idea that one out of ten of us shouldnt be here...i think the guidestones are probably the work of a nutty rich guy out there...i am not really sure it should be taken as a message from the 'powers that be' or something like that, though I dont pretend to know much about the guidestones...

  5. oops "nine out of ten" of us!!!! even worse....

  6. Hmm I do believe the Guideposts were conceived for our post-Collapse descendants -- not us. The stones were designed to survive for millennia. Stonehenge was an explicit inspiration.

    The admonition to limit population is our civilization's advice to any subsequent civilization that rises out of our wreckage.

    The fact is we are far past a sustainable global population. The only question is whether we are able to effect a relatively soft landing or simply go over the cliff.

    Yes the global elite do not have our best interests at heart. I am quite familiar with the dark history of Malthusian thought and eugenics. That doesn't change the reality of finite resources and overstretched ecological carrying capacity.

  7. ...i would like to know more do you know we are past a sustainable population as you say? what will run out? there seems to be a plentitude of food, water and shelter at the moment, though certainly there are some places where that isnt the case....maybe it would be a good thing if the population growth slows, especially where resources are thin, condom use is probably not a bad idea, but the guidestones are talking about a massive reduction to less then 1/10th of the population we have cant tell me that is a necessity can you?
    IF it said on the guidestones just, keep population at 7 billion, then that would be one thing, but they say keep it at 500 million, it takes 1,000 million to make one billion, so that is 1/14th of where we are almost at now...
    the idea is interesting that it is meant for post apocalyptic or post collapse peoples....that is really an interesting thought. lastly i must admit i really dont know alot about the guidestones...