Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Swine Flu Scaremongers Still Trying To Sell Their Wares As Unused Truckloads Return

While Greece and Norway are seeking compensation after canceling swine flu vaccination orders, and truckloads of vaccines returned unused in Albany a couple months ago, in Kentucky it's only the 'crazy' conspiracy theorists who don't wan't the vaccine, the 'good ol boys' around the water cooler know better. (Apparently in West Virginia, tomatoes also don't exist except in the mind of conspiracy theorists.)
Unlike the U.S. solution of bravely charging through the skeptics and free thinkers out there with armfuls of unused vaccines to the rescue, the Council of Europe is investigating if Swine Flu was indeed a profit making hoax for the pharmaceutical industry.

The British newspaper, The Guardian, as well is reporting on a possible loss of confidence in the WHO over Swine Flu exaggerations. But I mean, why should anyone lose confidence? The prediction of 65,000 deaths in the UK was only off by about 64,640. New Jersey is definitely still on the band wagon as I can see from an email I recently received below.

And for some in the UK, bastion of health consciousness that it is, it is in fact a race against time to get vaccinated! You've ONLY GOT 24HOURS!! Apparently that's all the time you have left to get the last doses of that vaccine that no one actually wants. Better snatch it up quick. As the Daily Echo reports, “It will be back in the autumn so now is the time for parents to prepare and take action now." Or maybe get it twice? How about three times?

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