Saturday, March 20, 2010

Author Accuses Rumsfeld And Cheney Of LSD Murder Cover-Up

In this video, author Hank Albarelli discusses LSD experiments on unwitting subjects conducted in secret by the CIA.

The scientist discussed in the middle of the video who was dosed with LSD and allegedly 'committed suicide' was Frank R. Olson who worked at the U.S. Army's Fort Detrick Biowarfare Facility. Albarelli claims he was killed because of knowledge of an LSD experiment on a French town which resulted in many cases of madness and near suicide. The author also claims Rumsfeld and Cheney were involved in the cover-up of the Olson case.

Interestingly enough, Fort Detrick is the same facility where more recently Bruce Ivins worked who also 'commited suicide' as the FBI prepared to charge him in the anthrax attacks weeks after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. The anthrax attacks of 2001 concern letters which were sent to two U.S. senators and some in the media containing anthrax spores of the Ames strain which was developed at the U.S. Army facility at Fort Detrick, Maryland. As explained on Washington's Blog "the only congress people mailed anthrax-containing letters were key Democrats, and the attacks occurred one week before passage of the freedom-curtailing Patriot Act, which seems to have scared them and the rest of congress into passing that act without even reading it."

Those are the same anthrax attacks, already discussed in an earlier post, which the Obama administration is threatening to veto the intelligence budget over if it includes a further investigation of the attacks.

One theory also put forward about the death of Frank R. Olson, is that he was killed because of his knowledge of Plague and other biowarfare attacks allegedly used against North Korea during the Korean War. The video below describes what might have happened back then in Korea.

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  1. LSd is not a substance which you could expose to light because it degardes quickly. Aerosol spray is not credible but the contamination of the bread supply ( in the only one existing grocecy at Pont-Saint-Esprit) is a more reliable hypothesis.

    see the first comment here and replies