Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Man Accused of Threats on 'Radical' Website Lives on Naval Base; IP Address Reported Stolen

The radical neo-fascist news organization Fox News alleges someone left a threatening comment on what they are calling a 'radical' website, Fox news found the comment and reported it to authorities, according to Prison Planet.

The person who allegedly left the threatening comment happened to live on a naval base in Tennessee.

Investigators with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service have seized the man's shotgun and taken it to the armory at the Naval Support Activity Mid-South base in Millington, Tenn. The firearm will be stored there while the agency's probe continues...Even though he is a civilian, the man is living on a military base, making him subject to the rules of that base. The commanding officer has the authority to take any weapons that are on the base — whether they belong to a member of the military or a civilian — and store them at the armory. For the same reason, NCIS has the authority to arrest him.

Of possible great significance is the fact that one day ago, Alex Jones, owner of, talked on his radio show about someone who had called him from a military base complaining someone else had stolen their IP address and was making comments with it on one of his websites.

Author's Note: Though certainly coming from a libertarian base, both and offer news and alternative perspectives outside of the classic left/right football game. Many liberals are guests on their shows and the perspectives of their audience and visitors is wide. The sites never condone violence or racism. I don't know what people want to call radical today, but certainly the warmongering mainstream news organizations of today are inherently more 'radical' in their approach then the varied fare one receives from these alternative sites.

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  1. Well things are really heating up fast and furious all across the broad, horrific and rapidly changing Hieronymous Bosch surreal landscape of USA meltdown. This coming April (tomorrow!) promises to be a real humdinger fraught with the the incendiary madness which we've come to expect over the past several years in the springtime of our national discontent. The ghosts of Waco, Ruby Ridge and the OKC bombing still haunt.

    It was pretty apparent that Jones was being set up by his recent high profile MSM appearances. The Hutaree "pasty white Al-Queda" patsies and now this latest provocation see the Powerz have the head Info-Warrior squarely in their sights. Whatever the murky and indiscernible forces behind this might be, this does not bode well for any of us.