Tuesday, March 30, 2010

9/11 Truth in LA


  1. Hey George, Thanks for posting this inspiring video.It had the added bonus of the equally inspiring music composed by Hans Zimmer for the Terrence Malick film "The Thin Red Line". I have posted this as well on my blog. This kind of action brings back many memories of our activism joined with Vietnam Veterans protesting the Contra War in Nicaragua, the much more volatile demonstrations during the actual Vietnam War (yes I do go back that far!) and numerous ongoing protests against the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Facility before it was closed. I also remember the vast protests preceding Gulf War l before the bombing began and everybody scurried back to their rabbit holes never to be seen again. Shame!

  2. the film was made well I thought too. vietnam was before my time, but i remember the contras...i remember reading about how Reagan"s "freedom fighters" were anything but that....in a way that was the earlier round of evil hypocrisy.