Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bedell's Materials: Strange Brew of DARPA and DOPE

Both Joseph Andrew Stack (alleged suicide pilot) and John Patrick Bedell (alleged suicide shooter) were software engineers from California in the vicinity of Silicon Valley. Stack apparently worked for notorious defense contractors such as L-3. Bedell wrote a 28-page DARPA grant proposal for the Pentagon, which can be downloaded, which ends with the sentence "Mr. Bedell has an intense desire to contribute to the national security of the United States." On Bedell's download page that proposal is sandwiched in with a treatise on Austrian economics (think Ron Paul here), and a gruesome medical investigation into the death of Colonel James Sabow (think 9/11 Truth here). So on the one hand we have here two examples of his supposed interest which neatly represent two movements critical of the excesses of the military-industrial complex and seen as a threat by the present American political establishment, on the other hand he is eagerly writing proposals for Department of Defense research projects.
As Cryptogon points out about Bedell:

Conspiracy theorist, libertarian, antigovernment extremist… with, “an intense desire to contribute to the national security of the United States”?

A cnn article describes an internet posting by JPatrickBedell on marijuana:

Given my belief that cannabis prohibition is the least defensible and most unjust aspect of the prohibitionist regime existing throughout the world today, I decided in March 2006 to cultivate cannabis in full view of the world

As stated in a previous post, alleged writings of his on a 'Bazpedia' profile page seem to be some kind of nonsensical hodge podge with links to treatises on Austrian economics mixed with absurd mentions of an information currency with a marijuana standard. I'm not joking. It's nonsense and someone is having a laugh.

A posting entitled "John Patrick Bedell: Welcome to the Conspiracy Theorist Lone Nut Era" on Cryptogon lists some of these as well as other newly surfaced internet materials. There seems to be a pervasive anti-governmental corruption stance in the materials which is then at times combined with nonsense and absurdities to degrade and malign it. As in the case of Joseph Andrew Stack, one must consider the very real possibility that these materials are also being juxtaposed with the alleged violence of the perpetrator to intentionally malign and defang authentic opposition to corrupt elements of our government.

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