Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Foiled Times Square Rinky-Dink Terror Makes Powerful Propaganda?

From a week old Huffington Post article we can hear the President wax poetic about American resolve in the face of terror threats:

President Barack Obama said "hundreds of lives" may have been saved Saturday night by the quick action of ordinary citizens and law enforcement authorities who saw the smoking SUV parked in Times Square."As Americans and as a nation, we will not be terrorized. We will not cower in fear. We will not be intimidated," Obama said.

But will we be lied to? Manipulated? Deceived, Mr. President?

The New York Times admits in an article that the Times Square bomber is a perfect opportunity for the administration to acheive some long sought after goals.

...The administration sees the Times Square plot as a reason to push the Pakistanis to do several things it has long desired. “Sometimes things like this are an opportunity,” the official said.

An article in Mother Jones asks the obvious question about why the FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force was reported to have been asking questions about Shahzad as early as 2004, and also, why they deny to have ever investigated him.

As asked in a previous post, if Holder and others want to fly with the Pakistani-Terrorcamp-Trained side of things, how can they explain that the Taliban trained him to build a bomb which had the wrong fertilizer?

In a NY Post article "Frank Doyle, a former bomb expert and 33-year FBI veteran, said he doubted Shahzad received proper training in Pakistan or elsewhere to build a bomb, particularly when it came to what type of fertilizer he used.
'I would question his degree of training or whatever he knew about it," Doyle told FoxNews.com. "That's only one of a series of really serious mistakes he made.'"

As pointed out in another article, not only did Faisal buy the wrong kind of fertilizer, he also bought the wrong kind of fireworks.

The fireworks -- M88 Silver Salutes -- will only explode if they are individually lit, according to Bruce Zoldan, who owns the 55-store Phantom Fireworks chain, which includes the Matamoros outlet where Shahzad made his buy.

Nonetheless our dear President talks of the "hundreds of lives" saved by the quick identification of the dangerous bomb-containing SUV parked in Times Square with its hazard lights flashing, containing a bomb with the wrong fertilizer and the wrong firecrackers to ever properly ignite. No propaganda there, none whatsoever I'm sure.

We haven't yet mentioned the oft-noted "Timing Device" of the bomb. Here is a picture of it, if you haven't already seen it.

Well, this War on Terror is an ongoing problem. Something our next President will also have to deal with I'm sure. But I have no fear, because our fierce and valiant President will look like this:

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  1. great post, george, once again exposing the absolute disconnect of these ludicrous and concocted caricatures of the supposed threats to "national security" posed by a continuing retinue of pathetic patsies enacting these shabby provocations. This is rapidly becoming a theater of the absurd, the transparent machinations of which has revealed the desperation of such dissociated and fragmented psychologies of Obama, Holder, Emanuel et al.

    This is nothing short of a national psychosis, the nature of which Makow, Constantine and others have been exposing and have been warning us of for years. That such theatrics are greeted by your justifiable derision is a testimony to the primacy of reason and common sense over this sham and insulting pretense. Unfortunately I think all this playacting is but the curtain raiser to the main event which will prove far more serious and devastating.

  2. i know i think the same. whatever cabal did 9/11 certainly hasn't been apprehended and may strike again at any moment. these rinky dink terror events might actually be an "appetizer" or attempt at going light, to see what can be acheived without killing thousands. when the time comes, if they desire, they still can opt for the main course however. crazy world.