Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Indian Documentary Film Maker Arrested At Houston Airport For Carrying "Jihad Materials": "Jihad Literature", Brass Knuckles and $10,000 Cash

From National Terror Alert.

An Indian documentary film maker was arrested at the Houston airport on last Friday, for allegedly carrying suspicious Islamic "jihad literature", brass knuckles and $10,000 in cash.
The man was arrested at George Bush Intercontinental airport after “acting suspicious,” when airport screener’s thought they saw a possible handgun in a scan of his baggage. Upon investigation, the investigators found the brass knuckles, a manual for a handgun and Islamic literature in checked luggage.

From another article:

State District Judge David Mendoza lowered Kumar's bail from $50,000 to $5,000 after learning more details about the case and that prosecutors were willing to let him plead to time served for unlawfully carrying a weapon in an airport.
Attorneys for Kumar said he has surrendered his passport while he mulls the deal. He does not want a criminal record to interfere next time he visits the United States, his attorney Grant Scheiner said.
"I think that everybody realized that he is not a threat. He's a peaceful man," Scheiner said. "He was here to visit the Hindu Congress of America, to deliver a lecture. It was about an interfaith discussion between Hindus and Muslims about the harms of terrorism."

Note: There is apparently another Vijay Kumar who is a Republican congressional candidate.


  1. Vijay Kumar is totally innocent man. The prosecution made all sorts of wild accusations at the bail hearing, but had nothing to support them with, cutting a very sorry figure in front of a judge who reduced his bail to $5k. The trial will be held shortly. He will walk but not will be hurt because of overcharged system that can't tell a brown hindu from a brown muslim.

  2. I'm glad to hear it. Today everyone is a suspect. If we investigated properly 9/11 maybe we would find out what really happened and wouldn't need all this constant watch dog world where everyone is a possible terrorist. But no that would be too good, and people wouldn't be able to profit from the war on terror like they are now. sick.