Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Remember the One About the Couple with the “Hit List” in Alaska? Drug Addled Husband Had Some Help from Undercover Cop

From Cryptogon and AP

...Rockwood’s public defender claims her client was lonely in King Salmon and befriended an undercover Alaska State Trooper while attending mosque during trips to Anchorage.
“The relationship clearly was fed by the trooper’s interest in Mr. Rockwood and the drama created by their conversations,” his attorney, Sue Ellen Tatter, wrote in her sentencing memo...

“...All of Mr. Rockwood’s behavior with the state trooper was talk or paperwork. None of Mr. Rockwood’s close associates, including his father, his wife and friends in King Salmon, believed he was capable of planned violence,” Tatter wrote...

This is pure speculation as there may be much more significant evidence, but could it have gone like this?

Trooper: Yeah Bilal, I am sure you must be angry, real angry at some people who are murdering innocent muslims and lying about it.
Rockwood: Yeah totally.
Trooper: Man don't you think X, Y, and Z deserve to be shot or something?
Rockwood: I don't know. Yeah, a shot right to the head is what they deserve. Or you could mail bomb them like the Unabomber.
Trooper: Yeah!
(As Rockwood goes to use the toilet, the state trooper scribbles down in his notebook: Suspect discusses shooting and mail bombing X, Y, and Z)

8 years in prison...

Also note that in earlier articles it was stated that Rockwood gave a hitlist to his wife to deliver to someone. It now appears from this article that the trooper may have been the one who actually compiled the hitlist.

“When federal agents showed him the list — which they obviously obtained from the undercover trooper — Mr. Rockwood stated: ‘I’m surprised he (the Trooper Sgt.) compiled this …’ Mr. Rockwood did not admit that he himself compiled the list,” Tatter wrote.

Also previously the couple denied the hitlist altogether.

Paul Rockwood is specifically charged with denying at the May 19 meeting that he created the list, denying the purpose of the list and denying ever having such a list of names. Nadia Rockwood denied delivering a hit list, telling the FBI it was only a book and an ordinary letter.

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