Monday, August 23, 2010

Complex Smear Or Just A Night Out In Sweden?

The New York Times is going with the latter of course as you can read about here.

The femme fatale (for lack of a better term, it's late) in this case now has been revealed to be Anna Ardin.

Now it would appear on first glance that this might just be a situation of jealous lovers and perhaps slightly vengeful women. Probably this is the case.

Or not?

One website points out that Anna's cousin is in the military.

If this is really her cousin, then he is a high ranking military officer who gives lectures with international participants on "counter influence activities" and "War Gaming 4GW."

Anna Ardin in a university paper on Cuba also thanks a "Mattias" for getting her out of the island caribbean country when the Cuban government became suspicious of her activities there.

Ok, a lot of people have family in the military. But it might be a little odd that this is the woman who Assange would not only end up having an affair with but also was his personal secretary involved with many details of his visits and appointments.

Even if it is just a case of jealous, slightly mad behavior, then still the question remains....who leaked the information to the tabloid press within hours? On the website of the Swedish Prosecution Authority it says that they did not.

(Update: I pulled this post because it disgusts me writing about people's personal lives and I thought maybe the issue would die out. But after seeing the Wall Street Journal and lawyers for the women still pushing the issue, I am reposting it.)


  1. the "crime" has now boiled down to that Assange "slept over one night more than planned at Ardins place
    according to swedish tabloid Aftonbladet

  2. thanks for that. unfortunately I can't read swedish and google won't translate the file. would be great to have the context, the paragraph it was in.

  3. this is the paragraph in swedish

    Assange bodde hos kvinnan några dagar. Enligt uppgifter till Aftonbladet handlar misstankarna om ofredande om att han, sedan hon uttryckligen bett honom flytta, stannade kvar ytterligare någon dag.

    written by
    aftonbladet is more than a tabloid, it is the most read newspapaer in sweden on the net

  4. me again
    Assange stayed at the woman a couple if dayes. According to info Aftonbladet has recieved the suspicions are that he, after she asked him to leave, stayed a day more
    end of translation
    It took some time before Ardin regarded this as a "crime" to investigate. Ardin has clearly stated that Assagene in no way was violent and that she never was afraid of him. my speculation is that it is all about jealosly - excause for misspellings - i am a swede

  5. thanks alot i'll give some thought to that!