Friday, August 27, 2010

Project Samosa Reveals Canadian Idol Contestant As Suspected Terrorist

This should be a joke. It isn't

There really is apparently a RCMP counter terrorism investigation called Project Samosa.

Apparently one of a group of three muslim men had more then 50 circuit boards. That one of the men was an electrical engineer apparently is not the explanation the authorities are accepting.

From The Vancouver Sun :

Also seized was what police described as a “vast quantity” of schematics, videos, drawings, instruction books and electronic components for IEDs.

Could this just simply be books and manuals an electrical engineer might own from his profession?

The alleged plot was in its early planning stages and “months” away from being operationally viable, Therriault said. “There remained, throughout, a varied degree of imminence to the threat, whether they were going to conduct an attack or not and how it was going to be done” he said. It is not clear even whether specific Ottawa targets had been selected.

Oh I forgot to mention...They also told a woman not to ride the elevator with them. Sure sign of a terrorist.

From The Vancouver Sun. :

One floor below, another tenant recalled that a few weeks ago his girlfriend saw men in robes, with beards and a type of "cone" hat, near the elevator.

When she tried to enter the elevator, the men told her to take the stairs instead, he said.

She returned to her apartment and informed her boyfriend, who went to the seventh floor to confront the group, then watched as five men exited an apartment on the seventh floor, near Apt. 702.

"To me, they look suspicious. Something was up," he said, explaining the men wouldn't look him in the eye or tell him what they had been doing on the sixth floor.

Sounds like they must be terrorists. 10 years?

Oh and then there is even a video of one of these dangerous men...on Canadian Idol.

From National Terror Alert:


  1. another contemporary farce which ranks highly in the archive of so many such grotesque absurdities and anomalies here. an extra added bonus was the National Terror Alert website and "Homeland Security News" with its 9000 some followers. Made me realize I was living in some Orwellian nightmare. I just wish I could wake up! I was briefly tempted to sign up. How about you, George.? Don't you want to be part of Total Information America too? Oh well, I'm guessing one way or another we're all members of that club whether we like it or not.

  2. Well I did sign up for the news alerts. It gives me so many good blogging ideas. The National Terror Alert is priceless.

    It's a strange reality today, especially in UK and US, maybe Australia I don't know. I went jogging today and literally there were black helicopters flying around, not following me, surveying an area. No Joke. There are cameras all over. You can hear people listening in on phone conversations when you call overseas. 850,000 with top secret classification. trillions unaccounted for in the defense budget. i should post a stat i saw. july GDP went up 1.6%. Half of that was from defense spending. Half of the growth of this country is nothing but defense spending. amazing. we are entering some kind of spartan militarized new reality.

  3. oh and then i have to also mention. have you noticed how the military is everywhere these days? go in a mcdonalds, you'll find a guy in fatigues. Go to the supermarket. guys and girls in fatigues. go to the train station. guys in fatigues with automatic weapons. i don't remember it being like that 10 years ago.

  4. and of course everywhere a flag. everywhere a flag.