Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Who Needs Establishment Goons Gibbs or Obama?

The real title of the piece is White House Press Secretary: Leftwing Critics of Obama ‘Ought to Be Drug Tested’ and it's from Cryptogon.

Let me just say that I think the establishment in this country is #@!!% and Gibbs and Obama are part of that establishment. Smart people should get out of this moronic country that blames everything on liberals or the left-wing and is full of conformists just giddy to support the Pentagon while thinking war is the solution to its economic lack of vision and creativity. Not that liberals in the US are in any way a perfect bunch, please, but what goes for conservatism is often just an unthinking allegiance to the military, tax avoiding multi-national corporations and Wall Street. Try respecting intelligence, honesty and other principles for once USA and you might get somewhere...Gibbs, I can't wait until your pathetic lying face is out of the White House. Maybe a job in the CIA for you? Wall Street? How about the republicans? Btw...Wall Street is giving all its money to the republicans now. Ha Ha Ha. And you thought you were one of the big guys? They turned on you just like you turned on the democratic base. Now go to hell and I don't want to hear your whimpers as the fires burn and scorch your sold out dung heap of a soul. Figure out a yuppie PR campaign to save that image you fool.

Get ready for Palin in 2012, the misery will continue....

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