Thursday, August 12, 2010

Buy Farmland And Gold

From Marc Faber Blog and Prison Planet.

The stakes have not been this high for some 70 years, and as Marc Faber advised recently, the best things to do to prepare for whatever is coming are to buy gold, move away from urban areas and purchase farmland, and be prepared to defend that land with force should civil unrest and food riots occur, as many are now forecasting.


  1. great, sound, and yet eminently impracticable advice for us groundlings, Marc. very few of us, I can imagine, can simply uproot ourselves and relocate as you did to the remote jungles of Thailand to grow exotic strains of ganja in fields surrounded by electric fencing and Dobermans. i guess we will have to content ourselves with warding off the roving bands of starving and desperate Mad Maxers with our shotguns and Glocks. Or perhaps we'll just take to "The Road" with our shopping carts and scavenge for whatever sustenance we can scrape from roadsides, blighted heaths and abandoned farmsteads after they have been looted and pillaged. Sigh...

  2. Yes well should I recommend a few doberman breeders? just kidding. All the billionaires are living in Asia these days. Sounds nice his little ganja hideaway, but probably hot and humid.