Sunday, August 22, 2010

Australian Intelligence Warned Wikileaks of Possible Dirty Tricks.

Here are some things I took from the Assange / Al Jazeera interview posted below.

1. Australian Intelligence warned Wikileaks of possible dirty tricks. Another interview reveals that Australian intelligence is playing a neutral role by not fully cooperating in tracking down, spying on or incriminating individual Wikileaks members because of concern of public opinion in Australia.

Assange: The Australian government received a high-level request to engage in some state surveillance and perhaps some collections of evidence against our people in Australia that was denied mostly by the Australian government with the exceptions of willing to give out some movements of where our people were. It was felt that actions which might result in Australian journalists spending time in overseas prison would not be politically acceptable to the Australian public, and the Australian government is approaching an election in five to six weeks’ time.

2. The "Pentagon so far is not aware of any incident of people coming to harm by what we have released."

This point is especially important since there are just masses of ignorant people claiming Wikileaks is just evil incarnate and has just sooo much innocent blood on their hands. Many uninformed people probably believe this truly while many others are just using it as a talking point to manipulate the gullible.

3. Assange responds back and says that Robert Gates is "wading his whole life in blood."

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