Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another American Dumps U.S. Citizenship.

From Cryptogon.

Oh you don't want to live in the dimwitted mafia clan empire of Schumer, Pelosi, Bush, Cheney, Obama, Netanyahu, Blair, Rockefeller, Lieberman? Wonder why...

Btw, I'm jealous as I just last night spent an hour waiting on a train platform after a bomb scare on the New York subway, increasingly seeming more like the New Tel Aviv subway by the day. But hey screw it, lets bomb Iran, the New York Times thinks it's a great idea. Don't worry about the money, we'll just get Bernanke to print some more! Oh and sorry about those social cuts but we need to make the world safe for Israel (and the multi-national corporations of course), that's more important. You know, supporting right-wing fascistic militaristic rascist nations, that's what America is all about!

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