Monday, August 2, 2010

Adrian Lamo Is a “Volunteer” for Project Vigilant, a Private Internet Surveillance Company Closely Linked to U.S. Intelligence

Every Yin has a Yang.
You've met Assange, now meet the other side,

Lamo and Uber.

From Cryptogon and Forbes.

A semi-secret government contractor that calls itself Project Vigilant surfaced at the Defcon security conference Sunday with a series of revelations: that it monitors the traffic of 12 regional Internet service providers, hands much of that information to federal agencies, and encouraged one of its “volunteers”, researcher Adrian Lamo, to inform the federal government about the alleged source of a controversial video of civilian deaths in Iraq leaked to whistle-blower site Wikileaks in April.
Chet Uber, the director of Fort Pierce, Fl.-based Project Vigilant, says that he personally asked Lamo to meet with federal authorities to out the source of a video published by Wikileaks showing a U.S. Apache helicopter killing several civilians and two journalists in a suburb of Baghdad, a clip that Wikileaks labelled “Collateral Murder.” Lamo, who Uber said worked as an “Adversary Characterization” analyst for Project Vigilant, had struck up an online friendship with Bradley Manning, a former U.S. Army intelligence analyst who currently faces charges of releasing the classified video.
In June, Uber said he learned from Lamo’s father that the young researcher had identified Manning as the video’s source, and pressured him to meet with federal agencies to name Manning as Wikileaks’ source. He then arranged a meeting with employees of “three letter” agencies and Lamo, who Uber said had mixed feelings about informing on Manning.
“I’m the one who called the U.S. government,” Uber said. “All the people who say that Adrian is a narc, he did a patriotic thing. He sees all kinds of hacks, and he was seriously worried about people dying...”


  1. Most unsavory characters to say the least. While I think that Assange is himself is highly suspect, these guys are positively frightening and obviously tools of some very nefarious agencies. I think they should add an "e" to "Project Vigilant". Defcon and Black Hat are the spawning ground of NSA ghouls and psycho cyber-hackers like Uber, a real murderous renegade. The intertwining tentacles of the NSA/Google inteloctopus are twisting and threading their way through the Net, ensnaring, binding and destroying. Viva Goats and Men!

  2. Uber apparently started the infraguard as well....

    the names seem like out of a comic book.

  3. Is Chet Uber aware that his head is shaped like a penis? Lol, what a dickhead!