Thursday, July 8, 2010

Toxic Gulf: Citizen Journos Do What Corporate Media Will Not

From Prison Planet

See also: Goldman Sachs Tied To Destructive, Marginally Effective, Oil Dispersant Used In Gulf Oil Disaster; NYT In Silent Collusion


  1. We do not know what human health effects might occur after long-term exposure to food and water contaminated with benzene. In animals, exposure to food or water contaminated with benzene can damage the blood and the immune system and can cause cancer.

    Cancer is not something that will show up after a week of exposure to toxic chemicals - it can and does take years to form and cause its insidious damage. Telling the Gulf Locals to stay inside is not the answer.... the poison is everywhere, carried, as it were on the winds.......

  2. they are talking about propylene glycol in this example as you can see from the prison planet link. I am no chemist, so I can't say about the details here, but the idea that so many dispersants have been put into the gulf certainly sounds like a recipe for disaster.