Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Afghanistan questions U.S. silence over Pakistan's role

If during Vietnam it had come out that the U.S. was giving China billions to aid the Vietcong in their fight against U.S. Troops, it would have been sensational information. Today a very similar thing is going on in Afghanistan with Pakistan. It seems to me absurd that there isn't more of a shake up over the public realization that we are basically funding our own enemies.

From Reuters.

...At a news conference later on Tuesday, council head Rangeen Dadfar Spanta was more specific, questioning the billions of dollars in cash aid and military assistance Washington has given to Pakistan over the years.

"It is really not justifiable for the Afghan people that how come you give to one country $11 billion or more as help for reconstruction or strengthen its security or defensive forces, but from other side the very forces train terrorism," he said...

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