Wednesday, July 14, 2010

American Psyche Fails To Understand Current Crisis


We are living in a time of incredible corruption. That we all know. We have a generation of top down elitists who despite their ignorance are strongly arrogant in their feeling of their ability to control and manipulate the mass public. Perhaps with good reason. While many liberals in the Northeast are still confused to some degree that the Democrats and Brand Obama could give them that warm and cuddly feeling of "change" that will make everything good again, the southern anti-establishment movement is content to dig its heels in like a bull waiting to charge a red flag, only their supposed enemy goes by a name Fox News, Wall Street and the Military-Industrial Complex are only all too willing to hang in in front of them like a toreador. Socialism. With this the anti-establishment right continues the old Reagan era (and earlier) mythology of the "left," the "communists," "liberal cockroaches" or "socialists", as the ones behind all the trouble of today. Obama is the leader of this socialist revolution they contend. This is a complete, and disastrous falsehood which gives me ZERO hope for the future of this country.

I am in complete agreement that the corporations, big money, Wall Street etc. have bought out both parties. Obama is as much a Socialist as Rush Limbaugh. Yes, Obama serves the interests of the "state" but that is a state which has been completely bought off and controlled by the big banks, corporations and big money in general. The liberal surface is a charade.

I have lived in liberal countries with some significant socialist influences such as the UK, Austria, and Norway. In all three I felt that government generally worked as well if not better for the general population. I had no feeling that any of these countries weren't as free as ours, if not in some ways more so. No country is perfect, and I am sure these aren't either. Certainly the UK has some major problems as they are developing towards a police state in many ways faster then we are. When I hurt my leg however and could go to a hospital and have it looked at without paying, I can't say I thought this was "evil." Much more evil to me was when I returned to "free" America and went to a doctor for a 30 second examination which cost $300. No joke.

I don't however imagine that Obama truly intends to bring these prices down. In the corrupted system we have today, any reform is only a disguise to give more power and profit to the already powerful. The "mafia" of big business, international banks, military-industrial complex, neoconservatives, drug cartels etc... will not be satisfied until our country is completely drained of all its wealth and freedom. It is they, and not any supposed terrorists, or socialists which are the real threat to our freedoms and way of life.

The liberals of America are in many ways equally delusional. They to some degree have looked the other way as Obama continues the Bush-era wars. Some even like the idea of the big arm of the American military reaching out and "defeating" their enemies. Some think gun control, gay marriage, and abortion are still the important issues of our time. Some are fooled into thinking if a woman, or a minority is appointed to a post, it is automatically a good thing, regardless of their stand on the issues. Some don't understand or respect the importance of our constitutional right to bear arms or of free speech. All this is also wrong in my opinion.

However the anti-establishment right, is currently in opposition. The question is, what will they oppose? Just the false surface sheen of liberalism, or socialism? Or the deep rooted evil of a corporate power elite bent on manipulation, robbery, murder, and destruction?
The toreador is hanging the red flag of socialism in front of what he thinks to be an ignorant bull about to be speared once again. Don't charge the red flag. Do what the bull can't do, pick up the spear instead and watch the toreador run.


  1. Good one, George! I also keep preaching that the so-called two-party political system is equivalent to pro wrestling, where Hulk & Macho (or whatever cartoon figures of the week) roar and throw each other around the ring then retire backstage to count our money, take their cut, and pass the rest to their masters. That Crashing Sound
    is the collapse of the American middle class. Or maybe it's just me.