Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In Which Direction Will Wikileaks Be Spun?

I was delighted to see the release of the recent Wikileaks documents. I assumed they would have a positive effect since they reveal some information about ISI involvement with the Taliban among other things. They also seemed to have a negative effect on the warmongers who were bitterly complaining over the leaks. I still assume this all to be a good thing. As for Assange himself, I believe he should be judged by his efforts. His works should speak of his character and I am going to assume he means well despite some of the criticism WIkileaks has been getting.

On the other hand, these new WIkileaks documents may be spun to only implicate Pakistan, without revealing how some believe our government actually supports the Pakistani ISI in their actions to support the Taliban, as Christoph Horstel explains below:

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