Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bilderberg Corporate Media Mogul Wrote Obama Speech

George: Don't miss the video of John Pilger at the end where he discusses Obama's stint at the Business International Corporation which is known to be a CIA cover organization. I had hoped Obama would turn out to be a "real" president. I am sorry to say I view him now as much more likely a PR puppet for some wing of our shadow government. Pilger repeats a perfectly fitting Chris Hedges description of Obama as one who is giving his supporters the "feeling" of change, but keeping them in a perpetual state of childishness. Here is first just one little example of brand Obama in case you haven't seen it.


Bilderberg Corporate Media Mogul Wrote Obama Speech
From Prison Planet

The fact that Barack Obama is nothing more than a corporate sock puppet, a completely hollow vassal being used and manipulated by his globalist controllers to carry out their agenda, has once again been emphasized with the revelation that corporate media mogul and Bilderberg luminary Mortimer Zuckerman wrote one of Obama’s political speeches...

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